Medicine and human health are the family traditions of my kin in which the professional work in the field of medicine has been handed down from generation to generation.

 Юлия Зенченко

I have received my degree in pharmaceutics in the National Medical University named after A. A. Bogomolets. My Master’s program taken in the “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” National University, the School of Health Protection, included the programs of “Health Care Management” and “Public Health Protection”. In addition to this I took a course at the “School of Advertisement Technologies”.

I’ve completed the first course on Tibetan Medicine for Europeans in Men-tsee-khang Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute (Ladakh, India) established by Dalai Lama.

I’ve also completed the integrated course on Ashtanga-Vinyasa and Pranayamas in Mandala Yoga Shala in Mysore (South India).

I am deeply involved in social activity and charity work. Within 2010-2013 I’ve organized a number of public acts on blood donation, as well as benefit concerts and different efforts aimed at helping children. I am a founder and a head of the Ukrainian Health Organization public entity and the Blood Donors Club.

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2005.

I treat yoga as a specific view of habitual things and events. This is an everlasting state of a student when all situations that happen are considered through the prism of spiritual advance. It is your continuous spiritual search for new interdependencies in which the things that were insignificant before are redefined and start to inspire the modifications of your Self!

Yoga is a continuous expansion of one’s limits accompanied by intensification of one’s experiences. Yoga is the care for your body and health. Yoga is a set of methods that make you see the very crux and get insight into your motives, desires and aspirations. It is more than just a practice. Yoga is the means of becoming your own self!

My invitation is for people who are ready to modify themselves, to learn and to move forward and sometimes even to laugh at themselves. So – come join the practice!